A new column in the service section ‘Interactive technologies’

A new column in the service section ‘Interactive technologies’

A service section ‘Interactive technologies’ now can demonstrate you what multimedia technologies are available for museums and exhibition spaces today.

What does the museum of the future look like? How can the interactive & multimedia visualization change the museum sphere and provoke vast audience appeal for the museums and exhibitions?

How can modern interactive technologies broaden potentials of the exposition space and what are the existing multimedia possibilities?

Multimedia technologies contribute to the converging of modern museums with entertainment venues and amusement park.  People are more likely to perceive information in an interactive way, or through a game, in a perfect world.

It is highly important that the multimedia technologies must be result-oriented, but not a fashionable museum decoration.

To find out more about multimedia solutions for museums and exhibitions, please, read the information  http://3dday.ru/en/services/technologiii-dlia-muzeev/