3D mapping 5-year anniversary of ‘My Documents’ Moscow Public Services Centers

3D mapping 5-year anniversary of ‘My Documents’ Moscow Public Services Centers

For five days the visitors of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy could enjoy exiting architectural videomapping 5-year anniversary of ‘My Documents’ Moscow Public Services Centers on the wall of pavilion 71. 3D mapping was created by our specialists on an extremely tight schedule to the order of MFC (Moscow Multi-function Centers).

The light show told a life story of Moscow citizens by comparing the past and the present: the situation before the appearance of ‘My Documents’ Public Services Centers and the changes in Moscow citizens life over 5 years. In a simple and a bit ironic way, we showed what kinds of ‘tortures’ a person had to endure to get any kind of confirmation document. And then we bring the audience back to the present day and demonstrate all the advantaged of ‘My Documents’ centers.


The creation of architectural video mapping takes at least 3-4 weeks. We designed and implemented the project in a week. Basics steps of creating a light show, which usually take days and weeks, were made by our designers in a few hours.

3D mapping goes through several complicated high-tech stages, which we will cover in the article about dimensional video mapping. To ‘place’ a video projection on a building it is necessary:

  • to create a 3D model of the building. Based on the dimensional model, designers create graphic elements for the upcoming show.
  • to take into account the architecture of the building in script design, as well as the theme of the event the content is created for.
  • A composer is always involved in the project, to write music and to do further sound design, to turn dimensional video projection into a full performance show.
  • Final video projection always requires on-spot rehearsal to tune the equipment and to make sure that the content can be read at all levels.

Not only scriptwriters and designers are involved in the process of creating a light show – 3D mapping requires profound technical background and corrsponding equipment. It is necessary to find the spot for positioning the camera or the projector, to assess the size, the surface and the lighting of the object the projection will be produced at, to set up sound equipment on the site correctly.

During five days our large-scale light show had been attracting the visitors of the exhibition who had been cheering it. The reasons are clear. 3D mapping allows to tell exciting stories – to give architecture complete makeover with the light, to create fantastic special effects, triggering powerful emotions.

Nowadays 3D mapping is the brightest and the easiest to remember solution for large events.