Interactive multimedia installation ‘Industrial Moscow Control Panel’

Interactive multimedia installation ‘Industrial Moscow Control Panel’

You can see our new project at VI Moscow Urban forum – an interactive multimedia installation Industrial Moscow Control Panel, developed for Moscow City government booth.

What is our interactive installation and its software?

It is an interactive map divided into three thematic clusters, with the information shown at three corresponding screens. Each cluster has its own startup and information control system. Content on the screens is controlled by a clicker.

  • Cluster 1 represents Land Sites. The cluster control peculiarity consists in switching between three maps with a special rotator and three buttons.
  • Cluster 2 – Technoparks – is controlled by the Moscow map with 23 buttons on it. 22 buttons are related to Moscow technoparks and give access to information about them. 23rd button starts the video about mono industry technoparks.
  • Cluster 3 – City-Forming Projects. The software is started up with the touch screen. The intro shows the video about city-forming projects of Moscow. By choosing one of the objects one can watch a video about it, then the user can choose and watch presentations and additional visual content.

For Industrial Moscow Control Panel our specialists have developed software, information content, themed videos.