JUST TOUCH ME – interactive communications in BTL

JUST TOUCH ME – interactive communications in BTL

Touch me and you’ll understand what happiness is!

Touch technologies (or sensor technologies), inspired by science fiction books and films, nowadays have entered all spheres of our life. No effort – just a light touch and you can get the information you desire or take money out of the cash machine, and this is happening everywhere.

What are the strengths and the advantages of touch technologies and what do they do to promote goods and services?

Certainly, a bit of history won’t hurt anyone.

Let’s start.

The idea of sensor screens which interact with the user through touch was actively explored back in 1960s by IBM. However, the birth of touch technologies came in 1970, their father being a teacher at Kentucky University George Samuel Hurst, who submitted an application for a touchscreen patent together with James Parks.  (A bit later, in 1974, Samuel Hurst became the founder of the Elographics company, which invented the elograph – a transparent graphic tablet.)


George Samuel Hurst

In 1974 the patent was granted. Despite low sensibility (touchscreen with 16 by 16 blocks IR beam) computer system PLATO IV made it possible to choose the desired answer by pressing a special spot on the screen.

Here is the chronology of further events:

1980. The first touchscreen TV-set was introduced.

1981. The first touchscreen computer HP-150 came into life.

1984. The Bell Labs company created and patented the first multi-touch screen. However, the new invention wasn’t widely manufactured. Because of their high cost, the screens were mainly used in medicine and industry.

After 1984 the talks about multi-touch technologies died down for 15 years, only to reignite in 1999 and to start conquering all possible and impossible markets.

1999. The FingerWorks company developed several devices with multi-touch input… And in 2005 this technology was acquired by Apple Inc. (So those who think that touch technologies belong to Apple are deeply wrong.)

2004. The first touchscreen device meant for public use – game console Nintendo DS – appeared.

And then came the legendary 2007. The appearance of touchscreen smartphone Apple IPhone.


Just Touch interactive technologies at the service of advertisement makers and market researchers


Just Touch follows the movement of hands, which makes it possible to control menu functions on the screen. Thanks to the highly sensitive sensor membrane that covers the surface of the screen, the system reacts to the lightest touches.

We are not going to praise and glorify multi-touch technologies, we are going to give a simple and objective talk on interactive multi-touch media, any of which can be purchased through our company. The one thing we would like to mention is that nowadays, when it is possible to stablish contact with the consumer only through active interaction with a product or a service, Just Touch technologies are unrivalled.  You cannot surprise anyone with touchscreens, but they are favored by everyone. Moreover, given a successful script idea and a highly professional level of implementation, interactive multi-touch technologies create the desired WOW-effect.

Touchscreen guarantees interactive communication with the target audience: touch the screen/console and get instant reaction – an image will change, or you’ll see the desired information, or a video or get a sound effect etc.

Nowadays BLT events use multi-touch technology, which understands several touches simultaneously, more and more often.

Thanks to multi-touch technologies, it is possible to ‘touch’ anything – from plasma screens to fabric, any type of interface and shape is possible. Touch-sensitive surface doesn’t have to be a screen. It can be a projection on any surface. It is just important for the content to be able to react to the touch.



What advantages does multi-touch technology have in promoting services and goods during different events?

It is rather simple. Consumers can easily find the desired information, check the availability of the product, learn about the program of the event and so on. With the help of the multi-touch system, the showcase turns into a full-fledged sales channel.

One of the special advantages of multi-touch BLT media lies in obvious unobtrusiveness of the service: consumers get only the information that is interesting to them. There is no coercion present.

Multi-touch technologies used in the BLT sphere make it possible to unite several people into a team, giving them an opportunity to enjoy teamwork. An excellent example of such socialization is the interactive music multi-touch table, which was used at Nokia Trends Lab music festival.

You have to admit that multi-touch technologies make our complicated life, overwhelmed with information, products and services, more comfortable and pleasant. And if you need to promote goods/services or to hold a major event, multi-touch technologies will be your irreplaceable assistant and friend in attracting target audience. One touch and the world is at your feet. JUST TOUCH ME!

Our new software for presenting the services of Almaz-Antei ASD association is a unique presentation solution.

Almaz-Antei had us develop unique software, which uses multi-touch technologies to present services and main projects of the association during large international exhibition events.

Specialists of the IT-department of our company were given the following tasks:

  • to develop a program which can promptly arrange the constantly renewed flow of company information and simplify the process of working with it;
  • to create simple and convenient software controlled with the help of multi-touch technology.

We have created software that promptly generates desired text or video information and displays it in the specified language. The program can be used and run on multi-touch tablets, touch tables or screens. The process of displaying the desired information can be controlled by touch, as well as by a digital pointer.

The company style of the association is used in the visual representation of the software.

The exhibition version of this software makes it possible to present innovation technologies used by Almaz-Antei in its work in the most impressive way.

Thus, new software is becoming an interactive and convenient user tool, which can be used in different spheres of professional activity.

If you need to present goods/services on a regular basis, we will develop software specifically for your company, which will be able to show specifics of your work in interactive mode, as well as take your company style into account.

Nowadays interactivity is known to be an integral marketing necessity, that is why we try to find those solutions for creating software system which allow direct and two-way interaction – ‘product/service – consumer’.