New functions of the multimedia magazine mobile application ‘BIGMOSCOW’

New functions of the multimedia magazine mobile application ‘BIGMOSCOW’

To make the reading process of the multimedia magazine BIGMOSCOW (Business Investment Guide to Moscow) more interactive and visually diverse, we launched new technological functions  for its readers in the latest issue.

What are these new interactive functions introduced for the audience of the magazine?

– Articles are provided with interactive links on videos about central figures of the issue with a short information and interview,

– interactive galleries, references, internal hyper links, interactive maps,

– multi-functional objects: the reader is free to choose the format of the information display: either in a graph or in a table, for example.

The magazine is issued in English, German and Russian languages and is accessible for downloading.

What is the latest issue about?

The main topics are franchising and activity of foreign franchiser in Russia.
The cover of the magazine captures the German entrepreneur Frank Duhse. In this issue he tells about the mutual development of German and Russian relations.

A businessman Christopher Winn shares his Russian experience about business based on a master-franchise Papa John’s and explains why he retrained from a financial expert into a restaurant-keeper.

Furthermore, you will discover why the Swiss Jörg Duss that has been living  in Russia for 20 years already spends his money earned for restoration of Moscow villas on the farm in the remote rural area.  And how the Canadian William MсDougall gains money on the import of the Russian art items to Russia itself.

As usual, sections ‘Strategies’ and ‘Life style’ are full of useful information on how to run a business in Moscow and set up a home. You will also discover how a non-resident can rent a flat in Moscow and where he can give children good education. A business and a life coach Gil Petersil tells what Russian networking be like and explains the reasons why you’d better be cautious recommending people to each other.

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