New project – the multimedia magazine BIG MOSCOW

New project – the multimedia magazine BIG MOSCOW

Since this year our company has been publishing the multimedia magazine “BIG MOSCOW”- Business Investment Guide to Moscow, available in three languages.

Our specialists have developed and launched the mobile app, available  in AppStore and GooglePlay. The app allows to read and reread the magazine top to down as well as right to left, with the possibility of interactive operations with the content. Due to its adjustive design the magazine is convenient to read on different gadgets vertically and horizontally. The app is free and it is available in  AppStore and GooglePlay.

As the magazine has been published since 2012 with support from the Moscow international business and economic relations department, it was necessary for us to carry out the whole package of editing work:

    • Create a new editorial team;
    • Develop a new concept and editorial policy of the magazine;
    • Publish a new issue in three languages (Russian, English and German);
    • Develop and carry out the magazine circulation, promotion and advertising support projects during the year;

What is the targeted audience of the magazine?

  • “BIG MOSCOW” magazine is the business guide for foreign businessmen and investors, which tells foreigners how to run business and live in Moscow at these hard times.
  • The targeted audience of the magazine is foreign investors and businessmen, interested in investing in Moscow’s economy, having enough money to invest with a proactive approach to life. They value their time and try to use it to maximum effect. They are not afraid of changes, they are real professionals, ready to carry out new ideas
  • How do foreigners feed Moscow? – is the main topic of the new business magazine issue about investment opportunities of Russia’s capital «BIGMOSCOW – Business Investment Guide to Moscow».
  • The issue turned out to be very interesting, full of analytics information as well as specific examples from foreign investors’ lives.
  • The business man of English and polish origin John Kopisky, living in Russia for 25 years, the French Florence Gervais d’Aldin, the Bulgarian Dimitr Tsonev – this is not the full list of the new issue’s personalities.
  • All the versions of the quarterly magazine «BIGMOSCOW» (April-June 2017)  are free and available in App Store and Google Play for smartphones and tablets users world-wide.