How did we united VR with art

How did we united VR with art

On 27 October Technopark ‘Skolkovo’ hosted a festival of discoveries called Malevich fest covering: technological, cultural, historical discoveries. An art-project Timecode Malevich became a key event on the festival. It is a virtual tour developed by our experts.  

We feel our close relation to the subject of connection between innovative technologies and art. Thus, the development of cultural space on the festival Malevich fest held in Skolkovo became a special project for us which proved our skills concerning exactly the development of art spaces.

Virtual tour  Timecode Malevich is a five-minute VR-trip into Skolkovo through philosophy and artwork of the artist of genius Kazimir Malevich.

The art-project Timecode Malevich allows to see in 360 degree mode the major principles of the real city of future that are formed in Malevich’s artwork and realized in Skolkovo.

Virtual tours Timecode Malevich will be accessible for visitors in Skolkovo Technopark so that every individual will be able to immerse into our virtual world that united the Skolkovo cities of future and visions of the avant-gardist Malevich.

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