Characteristic Features of 3D Visualization and What We Offer

Characteristic Features of 3D Visualization and What We Offer

The project is not yet in place, but there is a need to outline and showcase its advantages in a highly attractive, artistic manner, isn’t it?

The 3D architectural visualization is intended specifically for this purpose: after making a model of each detail, it recreates the image of any development projects both inside and outside. The 3D photorealistic rendering is a powerful instrument for promoting the projects planned for implementation by development companies, real estate brokers, project owners, design offices, as the 3D visualization project is both illustrative and clearly perceivable, which makes it much easier to attract prospective investors.

Producing a 3D architectural visualization is considerably more difficult that making a static architectural presentation in the form of drawings and sketches. The quality of the finished video product is dependent on a whole array of factors, such as the thoroughly analyzed, scrupulously simulated small details, shot-by-shot elaborate breakdown, neat arrangement of the narrative strand and the sequence of edited shots, angles and frames.

What kind of 3D visualization techniques exist and what is offered by us?

Let’s start with the 3D architectural visualization. It is primarily aimed at effective presentation and promotion of the development project, which can be only at the early stage of design or construction or can be fully ready for operation.

What tasks are set in connection with the 3D architectural visualization?

  • Create a positive image for the project being promoted;
  • Attract the attention of a prospective buyer;
  • Build up public trust and loyalty;
  • Evoke an emotional response to the project through visualized atmosphere that is created with the assistance of various artistic details.

Zaryadye Park. Customer – Mosinzhproekt Holding

What are the advantages of Architectural Visualization?

The Architectural 3D Visualization allows to:

  • Watch all the aspects of the project from various angles;
  • Get familiarized with the adjacent infrastructure and evaluate the advantages of the territorial location of the projects;
  • See the project at any time during the day and under different weather conditions;
  • Create commercially merchantable video presentations and video clips featuring the project.

Where You Can Use 3D Architectural Visualization

  • In VR Tours,
  • In Corporate Videos,
  • In Video Presentations for Development Projects,
  • On the Websites of Development/Construction Companies.

This Is What We Offer

As an end product, you get photorealistic images of the external appearance of the building, community area, residential quarter in the form of a video or a video presentation.

This Is How We Work

The process of Architectural 3D Visualization is subdivided by us into several stages.

  1. After receiving a Technical Design Assignment from the Customer, we devise a narrative strand, a plot for the video/presentation (if required).
  2. Then we draft a shot-by-shot breakdown, trace the outlines clearly for each frame in a certain sequence, select the camera angle options, the color and light palette, choose the graphic elements and the required style for the infographics.
  3. Simultaneously, working in parallel, our designers start modelling the projects/assets portrayed.
  4. At this stage, we create the scenes and episodes under the narrative strand, we identify the position of virtual cameras and fill them with animation, we also simulate the appropriate lighting.

It is a matter of paramount importance for us to develop an original concept underlying the Customer’s video which can showcase the advantages of the project in a most efficient and vivid manner and also create a unique atmosphere. 

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