Industrial robots in event marketing

Industrial robots in event marketing

Robots are famous for their capability of lifting up all kinds of heavy objects, they are accurate, diligent and disciplined, they perform both hard physical and highly intellectual work. That is why nowadays the sphere of applying manipulator robots isn’t restricted by  performing strictly industrial tasks. Versatility and intellectual control system can make any event impressive and memorable.

The possibilities of robotics make possible for people to organize shows and presentations which attract the greatest possible attention, ensure wow-effect and memorizing.

2016-02-11 12-43-43 Скриншот экрана

Robotics installation at the booth of the Moscow  City government at  “Open Innovations” Technology Show 2015

Let us figure out  what are the at possible solutions for the presentations with the robots applying.

Solution 1. Robotics installations with dynamic screens and interactive controllers.

Robotics installations interactively and effectively display video content, deliver the visualized information to the visitors of an exhibition or any other event. As video information is known to be understood better than any other types of information.

When robots interact with the user, they change their position depending on the selected content to present information in the most convenient way. Industrial robots are controlled by users themselves by means of touchscreens set in front of the installation.

Robotics installation Interactive Map of Moscow Technoparks

We design and create robotics installations with touchscreens for our clients to participate in large exhibitions. Programing robot manipulators is a separate area of work for Design Dossier technical service.

For example, we designed and created a project, unique in its engineer complexity, which was presented at the meeting of the Skolkovo fund supervisory council in the Hypercube building.  This robotics installation was an interactively controlled multimedia installation using KUKA industrial robot manipulators.

During the Open Innovations 2015 forum any visitor of the government of Moscow the Moscow City Government booth could interact with KUKA robots and at the same time get information about the Moscow technoparks.

For Sochi-2015 Investment forum, our specialists programmed the high-precision KUKA IIWA 14 R820 robot to present land plots for industrial production. Using a laser, the robot highlighted specific areas on the map of Moscow, so the information was displayed on the holographic projection screen.


 Robotics installation at Sochi Investment forum  

Solution 2. Man and robot contest in response speed and movement precision

One of the best ideas for attracting visitors to an exhibition booth is a contest between  a man and a robot in speed and movement precision. For example, sport competitions between a robot and any volunteer are the best option for an exhibitions. This ensures a flow of visitors to the booth and involves them in interaction. However, you don’t have to limit your fantasy to sport contests – everything depends only on the designers of the interactive show creativity.

Solution 3. Intellectual battles

If you need to demonstrate the ability of robots to make independent decisions, then it is best to use intellectual games. Our software developers create different software solutions to help robots compete with humans in highly intellectual games. For example, during the Open Innovations 2015 technology show a robot played chess with three people simultaneously at the RVC booth.


Solution 4. Robot dance shows

Robots seem to be unlikely dance partners – their movements lack smoothness essential for dancing. But it turned out to be a myth, as choreographer and dancer Huang Yi proved by staging a dance with a KUKA robot. During the Hannover Messe 2016 trade fair a grand dance show with the whole robot dance team and video mapping was performed.

Solution 5. 3D mapping with industrial robots

Video mapping with industrial robots creates special futuristic mood, where robots take active part in giving birth to works of art. 3D content, which reacts to each movement of robots, is the key element here. Every event with robots and projection mapping leaves an unforgettable impression, inviting the audience in the beautiful world of art.

Solution 6. Manufacturing souvenirs real-time

It’s no secret that real-time manufacturing process of any product always attracts attention and is retained in memory. If an industrial robot creates a small gift for you or draws your portrait in a surgical precision way in front of your eyes, you will remember this event for good.

Solution 7. Robot scanning objects

Industrial robots scanning objects and using special video content is a way of giving an impressive demonstration of inner structure and working mechanisms, for example, of cars.

сканирование роботом

This list of possible solutions that can help you attract attention to an event using of industrial robots is far from being complete. Their opportunities are endless.

When combined with experts, who can come up with a unique show idea, choose the most impressive technology and implement the plans, you will be able to create unique presentations of your services/products or  unforgettable events. All marketing goals can be achieved, it all depends on the tasks you set.

Professional team of Design Dossier is ready to:

·         help you choose and adapt interactive technology to demonstrate your company’s potential in the most effective and original way;

·         create video content of any complexity;

·         develop interactive software which can be synchronized with robot controlling software.

We will create unforgettable robotics WOW-show for you!