Making 3D Videos for Developers and Construction Companies

Making 3D Videos for Developers and Construction Companies

Today, the production of a volumetric, photorealistic architectural visualization is one of the most powerful instruments available to developers, construction companies, design institutions and all who wish to present their project in a highly impactful, advanced and rewarding promotional manner.

3D Interior and Exterior Visualization is a graphic 3D project simulation technique. It allows to assess the external characteristics of any development project.

3D Visualization makes it possible to bring the project discussion with the investor or prospective buyer to a dramatically new level, reducing the time needed for decision-making. 3D Visualization is crystal clear and better understandable to the prospective consumer, customer or investor than relevant drawings or sketches.

3D videos involving photorealistic detailing and Virtual Tours of real estate projects can be used by you on the company website, in the interactive multimedia catalogues, at a specialized trade show or for marketing purposes on TV.

3D Interior Visualization

The 3D visualization of the interiors is a photo or video image created with the help of 3D modelling technique. This allows to display the interior of the development project before it is built and commissioned. The 3D visualization of the interior makes it possible to see the volume image of the project, whether it is an office building, a hotel property, a would-be shopping center, an apartment, restaurant etc.

The 3D videos are required for the purpose of presenting the projects to the prospective investors or to the target audience. It is feasible to make a 3D video with reference to the space-planning and interior design plan, it allows to demonstrate the interior solutions in a most attractive, scrupulous and efficient manner to enhance the appeal of the project presentation. Today, the 3D graphics technique is an indispensable instrument that helps reduce the period of time needed for the project/separate interior plans to be approved, thus saving a lot of time and effort.

Interior Visualization Features

With resort to computer technologies and professional services of our team, it is possible to create projects with photorealistic detailing, to simulate the fabric, texture, volume of surfaces and materials etc. When a video involving the interior visualization is made, video images are created with a high degree of detailing. In order to add vitality to the interior, we make use of diverse touches: for visualization purposes, the emphasis is put on the aspects of the ambiance: children’s toys scattered on the floor, flowers in the vase, curtains trembling in the breeze, a cup with steaming coffee. The high degree of detailing and the artistic tinge present in the small aspects allow to create the atmosphere, the emotional attitude, the image of the would-be premises.

What Is Needed to Create a Video involving a 3D Interior Visualization  

  1. Layout Planning;
  2. Wall Sweep Profile;
  3. Furniture Arrangement; Instructions regarding Material and Furniture Upholstery Color Palette;
  4. If Furniture Modelling is Required, then the Appropriate Drawings, Photos from various angles are needed, as well as Critical Dimensions.
  5. Recommendations for the lighting devices used in the visualized interior (artificial, natural).
  6. Information about the desired types of images for the premises due to be visualized.
  7. Recommendations for the degree of detailing, interior content, artistic value.

Our Approach to Implement the Projects dealing with the 3D Video Production

  • Personified Approach to Each Customer;
  • We offer totally unique and custom-tailored concepts for each project dealing with the 3D Visualization;
  • We suggest our concepts and ideas underlying the 3D Video production, but we always heed your wishes and preferences;
  • A team of professionals is engaged in each such project, including architects, motion designers, artists, engineering draftsmen, visualizers;
  • We are committed to the individual approach to each project, for this reason we have a flexible pricing policy governing the production of promotional videos.

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