Multimedia Content and Software at the Moscow Urban Forum

Multimedia Content and Software at the Moscow Urban Forum

What is the Smart City? It is a program initiated by the Moscow Government seeking to implement the electronic technologies and digitalize the state services offered to the Muscovites. This was the focus of the exhibition stand operated by the Moscow Government at the Moscow Urban Forum-2018.

Our primary goal consisted in making use of the most advanced technological means allowing us to demonstrate all of the digital options made available for the Muscovites and to convey the idea underlying the Smart City program and display the virtual environment intended for the Moscow residents in a most understandable, easy to grasp and personified manner.

What was accomplished by the Design Dossier team?

  • We developed the design concept for the exhibition stand;
  • Executed the full range of construction works;
  • Produced the video content (over 20 videos, b-rolls, 3D visualization solutions);
  • Designed the appropriate software;
  • Provided technical and administrative support throughout the entire duration of the Forum.

The exhibition stand exemplified all the major electronic services and virtual functions designed to make living of the Moscow resident more comfortable, presented a 360-degree panorama of the city on a 10 m screen involving a multiple zooming option.