Virtual 3D Tours – Opportunities and Advantages

Virtual 3D Tours – Opportunities and Advantages

Virtual 3D Tours – what is their specificity and what opportunities are associated with them? Today, we tackle the topic of intrinsic features pertinent to the 3D Panoramic Virtual Tours and the advantages gained by the company through presenting its services/goods with the employment of 3D visualization technique.    

We will start by answering the question: What are the intrinsic advantages offered by a virtual tour?

  1. The undeniable effect of getting immersed into the VR and the sensation of being present there are in place. The potential investor, Customer of the real estate project, museum exhibit visitor is enabled to scrutinize the project in greater detail.
  2. A possibility to maintain interactive communication is provided. If such function is integrated into the content, then the user can get in close proximity with this or that preview area, look at it at different angles, select a route.
  3. The Customer can see all the advantages of the project with a higher degree of detailing – as a result of this the user spends more time interacting with the content. And this is most likely to increase the chances that the project will be treated with a more loyal attitude.
  4. There is more likelihood for an exciting virtual tour to be remembered more vividly and with greater precision.
  5. A Virtual Panoramic Tour permits to show all at once over a relatively short time limit.
  6. You can use the 3D tour to tackle a great many tasks of various nature. A VR Tour can be available not only for website visitation. Virtual Panoramic 3D Tours are a powerful presentation instrument that can be resorted to with a view to participating in the exhibitions, conducting presentations, holding press conferences and managing other events.

For Whom Is It Designed?

A Virtual 3D Tour is a winning tool for any company engaged in the development and construction industry. Real estate projects, residential areas, parks, sports and entertainment facilities, museums and exhibitions – this is a non-exhaustive list for 3D tour technology to be successfully applied and to enjoy high demand.

What Are the Types of Virtual Tours

3D Virtual Tours can be produced exclusively with the employment of 3D visualization technique, however, depending on the Customer’s wishes, goals and objectives, they can incorporate video shooting with the 3D graphics technology.

When a Virtual Tour is created, it is very important to secure an expedient degree of detailing for the assets portrayed. To produce the effect of immersion and credibility, it is essential to create the photorealistic details in a most scrupulous way. With a view to producing the effect of profound immersion, it is relevant to add such sounds as the palpitation of leaves, street or rain sounds, to include a change of daylight/darkness hours or season. All of these factors are determined by the Customer’s goals or tasks associated with the target audience for whom the 3D Tour is intended.

Apart from the above, Design Dossier specializes in producing Virtual Tours with the use of VR-Glasses. The VR-Glasses allow the user to be surrounded with the 3D environment. The higher is the quality of asset/element detailing, the more strenuous effort is made to develop the plot at the preparatory stage, the greater impact and better interaction can be achieved as a result.

The use of VR-Glasses means:

  • 100% Immersion;
  • Guaranteed WOW-Effect;
  • Interactive Communication (subject to the Customer’s request);
  • Scalability; In appropriate, more assets, elements, functions can be added, possibility for interaction can be extended.

We are ready to offer any option to you for the production of 3D Virtual Tours: we will develop a concept, devise a plot, suggest various 3D visualization techniques. As we own a production studio, we can make any video upon your request, and our motion graphics specialists and designers will create a 3D visualization involving any degree of detailing.   

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