Interactive technologies – VR, AR, multimedia interactive installations, KUKA robot barman – at the Golden Autumn booth

Interactive technologies – VR, AR, multimedia interactive installations, KUKA robot barman – at the Golden Autumn booth

Interactive technologies in action: virtual reality café, Farmer Business Development interactive game installation, photo mechanics, KUKA robot barman, Moscow Seasons augmented reality, augmented reality mobile app – it is not the full list of interactive multimedia content created by the specialists of Design Dossier for our new large-scale complex project for Moscow City government, presented at the Golden Autumn agricultural exhibition.

The complex use of interactive technologies allows to create an exciting and entertaining performance show within the exhibition area, which will attract and retain the visitors at the booth.

We were given the task of showing Moscow as the largest food consumer in Russia and demonstrate the opportunities  Moscow City government  offers to local producer. Our solutions, involved complex use of interactive technologies, were to attract the visitors of the booth and give the requested information in interactive and sometimes game mode. And it is necessary to point out that our multimedia content attracted huge attention of the visitors during all exhibition days, and the augmented reality had become a entertainment, which attracted constant attention to the booth for Moscow City government.

Let us do a little tour of our booth and its multimedia content.

Virtual reality café and KUKA robot

There was a café in the spring zone. However the café was supposed to contain an interactive element. For this location we put forward the interactive technology use in the form of augmented reality.

When seated at the table visitors could put on VR glasses and find themselves in different restaurants of Moscow or watch a 360-degree panoramic video. They could watch swans as they sat at the terrace of the restaurant at Patriarshy prudy, get a bird’s eye view of the city at the restaurant on the last floor of the Eye skyscraper at Moscow-City, watch the life of the city center as they sat in the Bolshoy restaurant.

And in each video the guests were treated to the signature Moscow cake. So no wonder that after visiting virtual reality the visitors of the booth moved  over to the bar counter, where attentive and diligent KUKA robot barman thoughtfully offered a plate with a piece of Moscow cake.


Interactive game installation Farmer Business Development

Is it possible to find some more effective interactive technology than a game?

In the summer zone anyone could play a game and work his way up from a beginner farmer to the supplier of large trading networks of Moscow. The rules of the game were simple: following the hints appeared on the touch-table you had to place the figures in certain order. The active areas appeared on the interactive model and the player had to interact with them to move to the next development level of their business. Moreover, infographics appeared on the game area and gave the number of fairs and festivals held in Moscow, the number of trade chains etc.

The whole interactive game installation was created by our specialists – from the design of a moving game area to software development.

Interactive multimedia content Moscow as Agricultural Hub

The interactive zone held information about state and the growing dynamics of the the city food market as the largest and the fastest one in Russia. Video contained the information about the new opportunities of Moscow Agricultural Sector.

Software consisted of a video wall formed as the map of Russia and a touchscreen set in front of the map. When visitors selected one of the topics on the touchscreen, the wall showed a relevant video with infographics and the touchscreen gave additional information. The touchscreen could switch between five videos and the touchscreen itself showed additional text information.

Software support, video shooting, video editing including computer graphics – all of this was designed and created by the specialists of Design Dossier.

Interactive multimedia content Become A Moscow Supplier

Interactive software Become A Moscow Supplier allowed any visitor – farmer of the exhibition to apply for a point of sale at one of the Moscow fairs. User-friendly interface and simplified application form mitigated the barrier between suppliers and the city.

Augmented reality Moscow Seasons

And now to the most interesting part! By taking a cube with a tag you could turn into a Gulliver and, for example, hold Manezh Square in your hands, zoom in, examine, turn it all over. This is what augmented reality is all about! You hold a cube in your hands, look at the screen and see that you’re holding a street or a square! People are strolling and chatting. You can turn, enlarge, examine monuments, houses, festival art objects.

A special cube tag activated the system of augmented reality, and the screen showed animated 3D scenes of six Moscow festivals: Easter Gift, Journey to Christmas, Our Product, Moscow Ice-cream, Moscow Jam, Fish Week.

Mobile app with augmented reality

The guests of the exhibition booth received a gift – a multifunctional convertible cube. It was both a calendar and a tag to activate the app. The app showed 3D scenes with Moscow festival sites in augmented reality on your iOS or Android smartphone.

The app was made available in Google Play and App Store. During the Moscow Seasons exhibition, it took the top position in Russian ranking in the Events category.

Photo mechanics

Taking a photo with Bolshoi Theatre or Manezh square in your hands was a temptation nobody could resist. That was why photo mechanics was placed  the augmented reality.

The program received photos from the augmented reality, where the visitors pressed ‘Take a photo’ button. Besides, a photographer worked at the booth to take photos of the visitors and upload them into the program.

The touchscreen allowed to select a photo and send it to e-mail or social media directly from the booth. During the exhibition more than 1500 photos were posted.

All activities at the booth of Moscow City government were designed and carried out by the team of Design Dossier, thanks to their vigor, talent and expertise. We know that the interactive technologies use is necessary to promote services and goods. And we know how to do it. So call us and we will find a unique, interactive and effective solution for you to fulfil your marketing goals and tasks!