Company news

Interactive model and a multimedia content ‘Chelyabinsk 2020’

Chelyabinsk in 2020 – the project was introduced in November 2017 on the forum Russia-Kazakhstan held in Chelyabinsk where we presented an interactive model of prospective development called Chelyabinsk 2020 that was worked out by the experts of the company Design Dossier, as well as 5 motion design videos.

How did we united VR with art

On 27 October Technopark ‘Skolkovo’ hosted a festival of discoveries called Malevich fest covering: technological, cultural, historical discoveries.

Multimedia solutions and VR-tour around Digital Business Workspace

Opening ceremony of the Digital Business Workspace in the center of  Moscow

A renovated Central House of Entrepreneurs was opened in Moscow this October which now is renamed as Digital Business Workspace.

A new column in the service section ‘Interactive technologies’

A service section ‘Interactive technologies’ now can demonstrate you what multimedia technologies are available for museums and exhibition spaces today.

New functions of the multimedia magazine mobile application ‘BIGMOSCOW’

To make the reading process of the multimedia magazine BIGMOSCOW (Business Investment Guide to Moscow) more interactive and visually diverse, we launched new technological functions  for its readers in the latest issue.

Multimedia interactive installations on the Moscow Financial Forum

At Moscow Financial Forum that was held in September in Museum Exhibition Association Manege our company executed a complex construction of two exclusive multimedia botth which displayed various multimedia and interactive installations which were designed and realized by the experts of Design Dossier.

Corporate video for the holding Mosinzhproekt

Our production studio made the сorporate video on  professional activity of the holding Mosinzhproekt with the adaptation to exhibition criteria on a turnkey basis.

Interactive multimedia content on the Urban Forum 2017

During the International forum Moscow Urban Forum that took place in early July in Moscow in 75th VDNKh pavilion, three different stands were occupied by the interactive multimedia content developed by the experts of Design Dossier.

Interview of the CTO of ‘Design Dossier’ to the channel Moskva 24

The CTO of Design Dossier Kirill Voskresensky said a few words to the reporter of the channel Moscow 24 concerning the interactive model of the industrial Moscow developed by our experts specially for the Moscow City Government.

Multimedia interactive model “Industrial Moscow” at SPIEF’17

After the exhibition Hannover Messe our multimedia interactive model of the Industrial capital was also presented on the most significant world-wide forum called St.

Multimedia interactive model “Industrial Moscow” at Hannover Messe 2017

Для выставочной экспозиции Правительства Москвы на промышленной ярмарке  Hannover Messe 2017 мы разработали  и произвели мультимедийный интерактивный макет индустриальной Москвы.

Design Dossiers is the virtual reality conference “VR-TODAY” partner

On May, 17th from 11 am to 6 pm the conference “VR-Today will take in the Higher School of business-informatics (HSBI HSE): it will be the conference on the virtual and augmented reality application spheres.

New project – the multimedia magazine BIG MOSCOW

Since this year our company has been publishing the multimedia magazine “BIG MOSCOW”- Business Investment Guide to Moscow, available in three languages.

Multimedia interactive model for the “Kubanenergo” company

On the Russian investment forum, taking place in Sochi, we presented interactive models, created by our specialists.

Motion-videos for the RG “Development” company

We would like to present you our new carried out motion project for the investment and developing company “RG-Development”

The package of our work included the creation of two motion videos, demonstrating the new company’s object under construction.

World VR and 360 trends

11th Big Science Fest will take place in Saint-Petersburg, where the technical director of  Design Dossier, participant of the Web summit 2016 Kirill Voskresenski will make a report on the topic “World VR and 360 trends.

We are calling you! Multi-user VR. Trends, issues, prospects

On November 30 at the 3rd International Conference on Virtual Reality and Augmented AR conference with the report “the VR multiplayer.

“Can you make 3D mapping in 3 days?” or how a light show is created

We get systematic calls about making 3D mapping and organizing projection dimensional light shows.

Software for Moscow City government at the International Investment forum “Sochi-2016”

The specialists of our company developed software for for Moscow City government for Sochi-2016 International Investment Forum.

Interactive technologies – VR, AR, multimedia interactive installations, KUKA robot barman – at Golden Autumn booth

Interactive technologies in action: virtual reality café, Farmer Business Development interactive game installation, photo mechanics, KUKA robot barman, Moscow Seasons augmented reality, augmented reality mobile app – it is not the full list of interactive multimedia content created by the specialists of Design Dossier for our new large-scale complex project

3D mapping 5-year anniversary of ‘My Documents’ Moscow Public Services Centers

For five days the visitors of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy could enjoy exiting architectural videomapping 5-year anniversary of ‘My Documents’ Moscow Public Services Centers on the wall of pavilion 71.

Interactive multimedia installation ‘Industrial Moscow Control Panel’

You can see our new project at VI Moscow Urban forum – an interactive multimedia installation Industrial Moscow Control Panel, developed for Moscow City government booth.

Quest as modern interactive technology and effective marketing strategy

How to earn consumer loyalty and, more importantly, why do you need it?

Interactive software for Kuka Robotics Rus

For Kuka Robotics Rus (Russian branch of the largest industrial manufacturer of KUKA industrial robots) we developed software, created interactive content and image intro video for presenting the services of the company during the Metalworking 2016 exhibition.

Augmented Reality at Hannover Messe 2016

Our company created interactive content using of augmented reality technology for Moscow City Government at Hannover Messe 2016.

Industrial robots in event marketing

Robots are famous for their capability of lifting up all kinds of heavy objects, they are accurate, diligent and disciplined, they perform both hard physical and highly intellectual work.

A virtual 360-degree tour over industrial Moscow

We created a 7-minute video with a 360-degree view of Moscow so that Moscow City government  could present it during the Hannover Messe 2016 exhibition.

JUST TOUCH ME – interactive communications in BTL

Touch me and you’ll understand what happiness is!

Our new software for presenting the services of Almaz-Antei company is an unique presentation solution.

We developed a unique software with multi-touch technology to present services and main projects of the concern “Almaz-Antey  during international exhibition events.


Augmented and virtual reality gradually hover stepping on and replacing the life we are used to call reality.

How 3D face mapping can change our live

The 58th Grammy Award opening ceremony will take its place in history not only as a major show business event but as the first demonstration of real-time projection face mapping on a moving object.

Our interactive model with AR glasses at the Moscow 24 TV channel

The AR interactive model of Moscow allows you to get information about the biggest events taking place in the city visualised in 3D.

Video mapping makes them say “Wow!”

Let’s explain the Wow effect in the marketing strategy using 3d mapping as an example.

Why the Kinect technology becomes increasingly popular in the advertising and exhibition industry

Gamers have known of Kinect since November 2009: it has bbecame the first ever gaming controller that eliminated the need for a gamepad.

My friend the robot or How to use robotic manipulators for interactive promotion

It’s common knowledge that KUKA robots are unique in terms of manufacturing and cargo operations.

The process of interactive model creation

Customers often ask what stages the process of creating an AR-enabled interactive model can be divided into.

New Design Dossier site design

We’re proud to present the Design Dossier’s new site design!