Architectural 3D Visualization of the City of Heroes Interiors

3D Visualization 

When the project is being developed, it is extremely important to visualize the 3D space in advance to the extent of the smallest details. It helps to avoid any feasible errors at the state of planning and construction, and offers an opportunity to present the future project in a most illustrative, vivid, understandable and efficient manner. Acting on a commission from the Moscow City Innovation Agency, we created a 3D Visualization of the Interiors of the future Educational and Entertainment Centre The City of Heroes.

In the foreseeable future, the City of Heroes will be located in several VDNKh pavilions. It will be a sort of an innovation and high-tech Complex affording a possibility to get vocational training and advice for the schoolchildren, where the children will be able to spend a whole day to acquire basis practical knowledge and skills in such professional occupations that are in high demand in Moscow, to have some fun, to enjoy themselves, to read professionally oriented literature.

Thanks to our 3D Visualization of the Interiors, you can make a Virtual Tour around the City of Heroes and get a general impression of the primary professionally focused areas. There is a pavilion of Digital Technologies and Virtual Reality, Children’s Technopark, a pavilion of Creative Technologies, Carpenter and Wielding Workshops, a unique Conference Hall, a Black-Box that can be transformed into a TV studio.

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