Architectural Exterior and Interior Visualization at the Moscow Financial Forum

At the Moscow Financial Forum held in Manezh, the Design Dossier team members did not only execute a full range of construction works for two multimedia exclusive stands, but also developed the entire scope of multimedia content. A unique screen installed at the Moscow City Government stand was used to show a Motion Design video produced by our designers.

The large-scale screen going into the floor afforded a possibility to watch 3D videos with Architectural Visualization: a general 3D panoramic flight above the capital city involving infographics telling about the changes taking place in various sectors of life of the Moscow residents, as well as 3D videos featuring the 3D exterior visualization and elements of 3D interior visualization.

Using a touch-panel you could select a section of interest, for example, what quality changes have been witnessed in the housing and public utilities service sector, in the social arena, in the field of education. Information was displayed on the screen in the form of compact infographics.

Each year, we carry out dozens of diverse projects involving the 3D visualization technology – ranging from the static photorealistic 3D models to the most complicated 3D virtual tours, 3D videos featuring residential compounds and community neighborhoods. Moreover, we stand ready to use our expertise to the best advantage to make sure that your assignment to create a 3D visualization project is fulfilled with the end result meeting your marketing objectives and goals.

3D Visualization, Motion-design promos represent one of the most powerful instruments in the hands of developers, construction companies, design institutes and all who are motivated to present their project with the employment of a most progressive and beneficial technique of promotion.


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