The Art of Science Interactive Installation for the Day of Science in Moscow at the Kremlin Palace

On 5 February, the Government of the City of Moscow held a grand event – the Day of Science in Moscow, on this occasion a solemn ceremony for the awards to be conferred upon the young scholars, laureates of the Moscow City Government Award was organized. The event was attended by 6,000 guests representing the higher educational establishments, research organizations, business enterprises, design offices, science community peers and young scholars.
The Heraldic Foyer of the State Kremlin Palace was the venue for the Art of Science unique integrated multimedia interactive installation developed and implemented by the Design Dossier team members. The Art of Science represented an impressive real estate development with the characteristic and easily recognizable configuration of the Moscow State University accommodating 3 interactive zones with huge screens and touch-panels. The multimedia interactive installation was equipped with the LED lighting system.
The Art of Science Interactive Installation comprised three thematic software programs brought together by the volumetric silhouette of the Moscow State University:
• The Great Scholars of Moscow Timeline;
• Young Scholars of Russia;
• Educational Guessing Game.
The Central Interactive Installation – The Great Scholars of Moscow Timeline provided an opportunity to get familiarized with the great scholars who had lived and worked in Moscow since the 17th century up to the present day. The visitor could select a person of interest on the touch-screen and a special software program caused the profile of the scholar to appear on the big screen. The interactive installation was designed to make it possible to trace the process of genesis and development for the Russian science in various spheres as exemplified by historic personalities: ranging from the author of the first mathematics manual in Russia, Leonty Magnitsky, to the modern outstanding minds of Russia such as one of the world’s leading experts in the Quantum Field Theory, Elementary Particle Physics and Cosmology Valery Rubakov or one of the originators of the Modern Theory of the Origin of the Universe – the Inflation Theory Aleksey Starobinsky.
The Young Scholars of Russia Multimedia Installation made it possible to get acquainted in an interactive mode with the personalities of the young scholars of the city, who had been granted the Awards of the Moscow City Government and had received research grants, and also get to know more about the terms and regulations underlying the Award that had been presented on an annual basis, since 2013.
The Educational Guessing Game made available in the right wing of the interactive installation had a trace of both entertainment and insightful knowledge: the young scholars as well as academic masters could not only test their awareness in various scientific disciplines while playing the game, but also to tax their personal knowledge of the most innovative initiatives in Moscow undertaken over the recent time to transform the capital city into a metropolis of science, education and comfortable living.

Apart from the Art of Science, a multimedia interactive installation, we installed two big seamless screens in the Heraldic Foyer which displayed relevant information containing profiles of the Young Scholar Award laureates from 2013 through 2017 with the employment of our proprietary software.