Interactive Multimedia Show, 3D Videos, Software for the Almaz-Antey Corporation

We present our recent comprehensive project for the Almaz-Antey Corporation prepared by our company at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum: production of 3D videos, software development, technical support for the entire duration of the Forum, production and presentation of a multimedia show.


We were confronted with the following task: to tell a story in a nonconventional, attractive format about the Almaz-Antey Corporation, its industrial facilities and capabilities, which are offered to its industrial partners. The presentation should be contain the most detailed narration about the business tracks pursued by the Corporation, the principles governing the selection of partnership projects and the phases of industrial interaction, however, the narration should not be a standard business presentation – it should be targeted towards evoking the sensation of astonishment with the guests, creating the WOW-effect through the marketing technique and the figurative elements used by the hostess in her storytelling.


Our created team suggested the following:

  • Turning the business presentation into a multimedia show hosted by a professional actress, for whom we devised the part of Anteya (her name was derived from the Corporate brand name, as you might guess), the star of industrial partnership. As the Customer wanted the business data to be presented metaphorically, all processes that are underway in the world of industrial partnership were carried over by us to the star galaxy, where the constellations were born and binary stars existed, which is precisely the prototype for a partnership interaction.
  • We suggested that the Customer should place the synchronized video content on the screen that would have the form of a map of Russia, on the video display wall with dynamic screens. Besides, during the multimedia show, the function of the third video media was performed by the pendulum, whose video image was synchronized with the major screens. Thus, overall, there were 13 screens in operation: at certain specified moments, they were supposed to create a single video space and form a common picture (in the beginning and in the end). Otherwise, each screen was programmed to perform its own function and feature its own video content. However, all of those elements were comprised into the general narrative strand.
  • The actress was entrusted with a difficult task. A serious difference between our multimedia show and a standard presentation was that the actress was engaged in the interaction with the screens positioned on the video display wall and the content. As she went along with her storytelling, the actress who played the part of Anteya activated the appropriate video content by the wave of her hand, moved the images and infographics from one screen to another, interacting simultaneously with 12 screens on the dynamic video display wall and with the screen in the form of a map of Russia. That’s how the WOW-effect was achieved through interacting with the video screens remotely by the wave of Anteya’s hand.
  • Besides, the primary video display well accommodated 8 dynamic screens which were caused to move forward with a swipe of Anteya’s hand, putting an emphasis on the key aspects of the presentation. This required impeccable technical skills, seamless motions and precise technical synchronization of all of the show elements.


Every day, while the Forum was underway, every hour and a half, the Almaz-Antey stand was visited, under the accompaniment of extraterrestrial music, by a star from a far-away galaxy, who was transformed into a beautiful 3D girl from the future, and then – into the live star of the industrial galaxy, Anteya, who is not less attractive and fascinating. By the evening of the first day, news of the show at the Almaz-Antey Corporation had spread so widely that everyone had been aware of it, and the next days, by the time the show was due to begin, the stand had been fully surrounded with photographers, TV shooting crews and the Forum guests.

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