Interactive multimedia content for the engineering holding Mosinzhproekt

The central place of exposition on the international Moscow Urban Forum held in July 2017 in Moscow in 75th pavilion of VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) was occupied by an exclusive multimedia wall of the holding Mosinzhproekt that we realized on a turnkey basis starting from the design concept and installing and finishing with the development of interactive multimedia content.

An exclusive multimedia wall consisted of several subject zones, each of them was provided with a multimedia interactive concept, multimedia presentations, and a unique multimedia content.

  • Interactive multimedia installation of the Zaryadye Park

The central presentational zone was dedicated to the construction of the landscape park Zaryadye.  We installed a real physical model of the landscape park and a touch panel in the center in front of the video wall. A visitor could choose a subject of interest and display the information on the screen.  One could see a 3D panoramic fly-by video around the future park made by our designers and learn about construction stages of the Zaradye Park. In addition, one could also watch a video showing the holding activity, or to participate in subject-related quiz.

Panoramic 3D Fly-by Video of the Zaryadye Park

  •  Interactive Multimedia Installation Luzhniki Stadium

This zone was dedicated to the renovation stages of the Luzhniki Stadium. Using the touch-screen in a form of logo of the holding Mosinzhproekt one could choose the necessary year and learn about the reconstruction stage during this period of interest, as well as display photos on the screen.

  • Interactive installation “Construction of the Moscow Metro”

    The zone dedicated to the construction of Moscow Metro was built in a form of a metro tube with video screens integrated into its walls all along the tube. The screens were equipped with motion detectors to make content react on the visitors movement. Using the touch-screen one could display the content showing the construction process of metro tunnels and stations. This function accompanied with the subject-related sound created special atmosphere and dynamics catching more people’s attention.

Video-presentation Construction History of the Moscow Metro

Our designers created 5 issue-related video-presentations in total introduced on the different zones of the exhibition stand. They showed the areas of holding professional activity.