Motion design video “Zelenograd” at Hannover Messe 2017

We created and developed a multimedia interactive model of industrial Moscow with our motion design videos inside for the exposition of the Moscow City Government on the Industrial Fair Hannover Messe 2017.

Our designers produced two motion design  videos with terrain renders of the Special economic zone Zelenograd and Technopark ZIL to show them on the control touch-screens and make accessible to visitors to watch.

Our team work in total includes: 

  • developed design concepts of the interactive model,
  • created graphical videos for the model itself and its control touch-panels,
  • created animated presentations demonstrating information on the supportive measures of the technoparks, industrial estates and constructible surfaces,
  • made an overall start-up screen video– for the wait-mode switch of the interactive installation,
  • worked out a design concept, laid out and animated an interactive catalogue of the export products, as well as developed a software for the catalogue,
  • manifactured  dimensional glass building sites for the interactive model,
  • created two motion design videos,
  • developed a software of the interactive model connecting control keys on 6 touch-screens with videos of the video table. They highlighted the chosen objects of the model. In addition, each touch-screen out of 6 controlled the high-light of the particular set of objects of the model.
  • provided technical support during the exhibition,

Motion design videos allowed to demonstrate the objects in the most bright and spectacular way and also to clearly visualize the necessary information.