Digital Battles Multimedia Game at the INNOPROM 2018

The Multimedia Game entitled Digital Battles was first presented in Yekaterinburg at the INNOPROM-2018 Industrial Exhibition.

You could engage in the digital battle to win a 100% production digitalization at the multimedia exhibition stand of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade which had been also installed by us.

What was the essence of the game?

The task set before the players was to build up a chain of production enterprises and to digitalize production. The player who succeeded in achieving a 100% digitalization of the production chain became the winner. However, the players were regularly confronted with unexpected economic and political contingencies along the way that made their pursuit more difficult. The player had to offer a rapid response to the challenges, to employ new tactics in order to achieve the desired result and to make sure that the production is never discontinued.

Digital Battles served not only to entertain the public – many visitors called the Digital game a new version of the Monopoly and a sort of training gear that helps improve the knowledge and skills applicable to the transformation of production capabilities.

Over 400 visitors participated in the Digital Battles, 10% of whom were foreigners.