Multimedia interactive installations on the Moscow Financial Forum

At Moscow Financial Forum that was held in September in Museum Exhibition Association Manege our company executed a complex construction of two exclusive multimedia booths which displayed various multimedia and interactive installations.

What was the scope of work?

  • Architectural concept development and design of the booths
  • 3D-modeling and visualization
  • Complex construction and technical equipment
  • Interactive software development
  • Video-design and production
  • Technical support
  • software production and development for multimedia interactive installations.

Multimedia interactive installations may be realized in different ways, but the most effective ones are those representing the content in easy, unobtrusive and game format.  It is possible to introduce even important and complicated information in accessible, unobtrusive and effective way.

We proved it by our multimedia interactive quizzes and quests for Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and Moscow City Government.

Our experts developed  5 large-scale multimedia interactive installations  in total: starting from concept and finishing with the development of the software and technical support during the event.

We placed 5-meter LED screens between two line-symmetrical multimedia stands of the Moscow City Government and Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. The screens are installed on the walls, and they merge into the floor.

An adventure quest  ‘Five principles of budgeting appointment in Moscow’

A large screen of the the Moscow City Government standаdisplayed 3D panoramic fly-by video around the capital containing info-graphics that showed changes happening in different life spheres of Moscow citizens. One could choose a preferable section using a touch panel, for example, to see what significant changes happen in housing and utility sector, in social sphere, or education.  This information was to be displayed on the screen in a brief info-graphics.

Interactive installation Time-line ‘Chronology of 870th anniversary of Moscow’  

A special software program allowed to roll back in history and get to know the major milestones of the birth, creation and development of the Moscow economy.

Regarding the Russian Ministry of Finance stand, visitors could learn there about the ‘History of the Russian Ministry of Finance over the past 215 years: in numbers and personalia’.

Apart from it, we developed and realized:

  • the quest called ‘How well do you know the economics of Moscow City?’.  Anyone could test his/her knowledge in economy with AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a guide in the game who was communicating with participants through one of the screens.
  • Time-line ‘Chronology of 870th anniversary of Moscow’
  • Game ‘Balanced Budget’.

Our exclusive exhibition booths were included in the program of the round check of the Prime Minister  Medvedev D.A. and Moscow City Mayor Sobyanin S.S.