Multimedia interactive model for the “Kubanenergo” company–cfhyglD2o

On the Russian investment forum in Sochi we presented an interactive models, created by Design Dossier specialists for the offspring of the “Rosseti” company – PAO “Kubanenergo”.

At the Forum we were to present the investment project of “Kubanenergo” of  electrical substations and new power lines construction in  Krasnodarsky krai , on the Taman peninsula. “Kubanenergo” was represented by our interactive installations on the two boosts – Krasnodarsky krai  and the Republic of Adygea.

We used only best modern trends to create the presentation– interactive visualization with the deep plunging into the content.

What does it mean? We offered our customer to create a visual demonstration of the opportunities and perspectives of the project by means of the multimedia interactive table with the use of the real model. On the Krasnodarsky krai boost all the necessary iconigraphics about the opportunities of the project was demonstrated on the interactive table. All the videos were combined by one plot, which allowed to perceive the information as the whole story; it also became a successful way of interactive cooperation. It is no accident that today storytelling, which is the telling of marketing stories – has become so popular.

At the same time the content was related to the real electric substations models.  Due to this it was possible to present the necessary information in a maximum visual, interactive and dimensional way.

On the Adygea republic boost we have set up the downward touch-panel, where the investment opportunities, developed infrastructure for home tourism development in Agygea were demonstrated.

Which was the amount of the work our specialists carried out for this project?

  • Developed the software and the multimedia content;
  • Created the interactive installation;
  • Developed the interface designs;
  •  Created 5 videos,
  • Provided the full technical support during all days of the Investment Forum.