“12 centuries of fishing” VR tour

The “12 centuries of fishing in Russia” 360-degree virtual tour was presented at the Global Fishery Forum in Saint Petersburg in September.

At the Russian Federation Research Institute of Fishery and Oceanography ‘s(VNIRO) booth , forum visitors wearing VR sets could walk around the main rooms and displays of the future interactive exhibition about the development of fisheries from ancient times to the present day.

“Design Dossier” specialists developed the concept of a historical and interactive exhibition and presented it to the Russian Federation Research Institute of Fishery and Oceanography‘s management.

Then we created the script for the 360-degree virtual tour. Our designers created a 3D VR space and built the software for the VR excursion. A visitor wearing a VR set could immerse themselves  in the future exhibition and learn more about its sections.

Passing through the spacious reception area, visitors find themselves in the following sections: “Water area”, “Diving to the seabed”, “Have a look into the past”, “History in the first person”, “12 centuries of fishery”, “Ship’s Navigation”, “An Igloo – a 360° cinema”, “Underwater laboratory”, “Fresh water pool ecology”, “The history of caviar”, “Aquaculture”, “Fisheries today”, “Workshop”. And after going to the last section – “Café” – the visitors come back to the real world.

We showed the 360-degree VR tour to the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency’s director Ilya Shestakov who pointed out the project’s importance and promising outlook.

The 360-degree virtual tour “12 centuries of fishing in Russia” was a success with visitors from industry professionals to potential expo partners.