Robobar at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

How can Industrial Robots be employed for the purpose of making a presentation?

The KUKA industrial robots do not just lift any heavy weight – they are immaculately accurate in the execution of tasks, personifying diligent and disciplined operators, they perform both heavy physical workload and accomplish highly intellectual tasks as well. For this reason, the scope of employing robotic manipulator is far wider than the execution of strictly industrial functions. Multi-functionality and the intellectual control system provide for the opportunity to make each and every endeavor an impressive and unforgettable experience.

It is not the first time for us to use the capabilities of robotic manipulators for the purpose of making a presentation. At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF)-2018, we presented a Robobar operated by an industrial robot. Not only did the courteous robotic barman put a glass with a drink on the counter in front of the guest, but he also blended the ingredients after the drink was selected on the touch-screen containing the menu. We devised the concept, developed the software and provided the technical support services for all days while the SPIEF-2018 was in progress.

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