Video Design for the Stage on the Occasion of the Day of Science at the State Kremlin Palace

In February 2018, the State Kremlin Palace played host to the grand event – the Day of Science of the city of Moscow, it was also the venue for the awards presented to the young scientists, laureates of the Award of the Moscow City Government. The awards were conferred upon laureates by Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, Minister of Education and Science Olga Vassilieva, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeyev and Rector of the Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichy.    After the formal awards ceremony, an impressive show concert was organized. The entire 3-hour video content for the stage had been created by our company. Overall, we drew up over 70 videos.

During the formal part of the event and the awards ceremony for the laureates of the Young Scholar Award, the stage was set in a positive and technological color palette, with a tinge of conservatism and tranquility to keep the audience focused on the main activity taking place on the stage. For each laureate – there were 58 of them – we prepared a thematic video profile.

The overriding idea underlying the concept of the Day of Science in Moscow was the assumption that science and art are inseparable. Science was viewed through the prism of art, for this reason each episode (there were 5 of them) commenced with a poetic video at the stage of the State Kremlin Palace. The poems composed specifically for the event were recited by actors Andrey Sokolov, Alexander Nosik, Katerina Shpitsa. Our production studio executed a staged video shoot of the actors and video editing.

The specificity of the production design was that all the content was displayed on 19 screens of various sizes involving a video footage shown on the central screen and on the side screens. It allowed to enrich and diversify the video sequence supplementing the image on the central screen with thematic motion graphics on the side screens.

What is the specificity of high-quality video design on the stage to support concerts and events in progress? The video content should be organically intertwined into the thematic fabric, atmosphere, character of each performer and should be perceived as an inseparable entity. However, at the same time, the scenic video content should reflect the general concept and thematic focus of the event as well.

The video design was drafted and provided by us for the performances of Larisa Dolina, Alexander Malikov, Soso Pavliashvili, Sergey Mazayev, Karina Serbina, A-Studio and Kvatro groups, children’s choir under Igor Krutoy Academy likewise for an array of dance and circus performances.

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