Immersion in Virtual Reality at the INNOPROM-2018

What can we do to capture the imagination and interest of the guests visiting the main exhibition plarform for the Digital Production?

At the INNOPROM-2018 Industrial Exhibition in Yekaterinburg, we presented our new integrated project – the multimedia exhibition stand for the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade (Minpromtorg). The exhibition stand was unique not only because of its architectural solution, but also due to its multimedia content.


We were entrusted with the assignment of finding an optimal solution how to present a model of the Russian industrial production in the foreseeable future. The solution was supposed to be simple in terms of being used by the visitors, on the one hand, and on the other hand, it was supposed to capture the visitors interest, attention and evoke a positive emotional response.


We developed a semi-gaming virtual tour around the plant of the future, which could be seen through the VR glasses.

At the initial stage, we came forward with the general concept and the plot, then our design department developed conceptual ideas for the visual graphic solution, while the programmers thoroughly devised and delivered an appropriate software program. At the final stage, we conducted tests and solved all the technical and creative aspects involved.


Over 1,500 visitors made a virtual tour around the plant of the future.

You can read about another multimedia project – the Digital Battles game, which was also created by our team for the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and showcased at the INNOPROM-2018  here