According to public opinion surveys, 85% of marketers believes that the use of interactive technology today is the urgent need. Every 8 the expert is sure that the interactivity is the basis for the promotion of goods and services, since only direct interaction in real time is able: to pay attention, to attract, to hold, to provoke the necessary reaction from potential consumers.  And only 23% of marketers use interactive solutions to promote their products/services. All the services that the company offers “Design Dossier” directly or indirectly connected and active a user is in the process of interaction.

Motion design is the art of revival graphics using the animation tools and use of computer technology. It includes: production of graphics and animations video, video shooting and editing corporate, promotional, reporting events, infographics, multimedia presentations, video events design, videoprogramme, special effects and full cycle of production of audiovisual content in different languages.

Интерактивные технологии
Интерактивные технологии — методы, направленные на двухстороннее взаимодействие источника информации с ее потребителем в режиме реального времени.

3D mapping
3D mapping, also known as video mapping, projection mapping, or spatial augmented reality, is used to convert objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. This is both a creative and highly technological process of creating and projecting 3D images on any three-dimensional objects such as cars, buildings, interior design items or custom-made three-dimensional constructions. The projection can be done both onto stationary and moving objects.

Professional software development and integration is one of Design Dossier’s key business profiles. Our IT experts conduct a detailed business analysis of the customer’s requirements and develop the necessary software architecture to meet them. After the development stage is complete, our team conducts the necessary testing and makes the necessary improvements to make sure that the finished product meets the customer’s marketing objectives.
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies are the most effective and promising tools in today’s marketing. Virtual reality and augmented reality open vast possibilities for advertising, proving that interactive innovation is the best medium to connect the customer with the information/product/service.