Motion Design/Videoproduction

What Is Motion Design?

Motion design (motion graphics, video design) — is an art of making graphics alive by means of animation and computer tools. This is likely one of the most exciting trends in the contemporary design world. If applicable, 3D graphics and animation are integrated into the motion design. Design Dossier experts use the most recent multi-media technologies while doing motion graphic design which allows them to find nontrivial solutions and create recognizable dynamic images.

Where Is Motion Design Used?

Motion design is used for video support of events, for making interactive video installations or video projections, in 3D-mapping, in production of commercial or presentational videos, at TV for graphic design of channels, in cinema. Videos, animation videos, dynamic infographics, virtual tours, graphic banners and creating any other video content of any complexity level – these are the kinds of activities we perform for our customers on a very high graphic level.

Which Solutions Do We Offer?

We have a graphic design studio of our own which is equipped with the necessary software and hardware; we also have some highly qualified video engineers as our staff members so we’re capable of offering our customers video content of a very high quality and of launching complicated projects in a short time period. Our main activities in this frame work are:

  • design video design of events
  • creation of interactive video installations
  • creating multimedia presentations
  • development infographic
  • production of graphics and animations videos
  • shooting and editing of  corporate, promotional and reporting videos
  • 3D-animation
  • video holograms production
  • special effects production

We carry out a full production cycle of audio-visual content in any language which is strongly needed today – currently, we have some experience of content development in Russian, English, German, Chinese, Farsi and other languages.

We work at any tasks and find best complex solutions while performing the full production cycle: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production.

Apart from that we also develop 3D-mapping, is the most complicated part of motion design since video mapping requires not only the skills of working at the screen surface but also the skills of working with architectural.

What Are The Project Stages And Pricing Elements of Motion Design?

Each project cost is calculated individually based on the SOW or brief received from the customer or prepared in collaboration with them. The cost calculation reflects such factors as:

  • A needed running time of a video and project launch deadlines
  • maturity models, 3D modeling
  • the complexity and detail of the study of graphs detailing
  • the presence of animated characters
  • Studio movie filming
  • the required final resolution (for projects with a resolution above FullHD)

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