Interactive Technologies in BTL advertising

Interactive technology-based BTL (below the line advertising) solutions, or interactive BTL solutions in indirect advertising, are the solutions the aim of which is to promote products and services using the classic BTL technologies by means of interactive communication channels.

According to surveys, interactive BTL solutions allow increasing sales in malls up to 30-35%. Once a person gets into the influence area of an interactive media they can’t just pass by the “living ad” – they stop out of curiosity and get unwittingly involved in the interaction. Hence, consumers make contact with the media. This is the main advantage of every interactive media since interaction causes emotions.
Interactive BTL information systems inform consumers about products and services, attract their attention to a shop window, to a booth at the expo, to a restaurant or auto dealer showroom etc. Interactive media can also be used at conferences or during negotiations to demonstrate various video assets. Moreover, they allow playing various games, connect to the Internet or watch TV.
Interactive BTLs often include gaming elements allowing a user to set the media in motion, control or modify them. By getting involved in a game people get to remember the brand name better; they also develop positive memories about the interaction. Gamification or usage of gaming elements in business helps retain the customers more effectively as well as prompts them to take certain desired actions.

According to a Gather Gamification survey which took place in 2015 over 50% US companies implement gamification elements into their consumer interaction strategy. Gaming techniques allow your message to get through the endless flow of information and to completely attract the attention of a prospective customer. M2Research surveys predict that in 2016, the business gamification market will grow up to $2.8 billion. Gamification becomes a major trend in tuning the processes of interaction between a brand and a potential customer.

iBTL uses the whole spectrum of advanced technology novelties to attract potential customers. To name a few, these would be contactless interaction technology, virtual reality and augmented reality, projection and touchscreen technology.
While working on our customers’ projects we at Design Dossier utilise all innovative and advanced developments which embrace the idea of an advertising being an interactive message. We offer our customers such customer interaction technologies that best suit their business and products.

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