Augmented reality and Virtual reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies are the most effective and promising tools in today’s marketing. Virtual reality and augmented reality open vast possibilities for advertising, proving that interactive innovation is the best medium to connect the customer with the information/product/service.

Design Dossier’s professional team offers you the latest high-tech development because we know that only the WOW factor is able to fully immerse a person into new information, leave a lasting emotional impact and create a sustained brand loyalty. Our key feature is that we broaden the opportunities of interactive marketing by augmenting the existing interactive technology by advanced innovations belonging in the future. While creating life in a virtual world, or designing an augmented reality, the Design Dossier team focuses in the first place on the customer’s marketing objectives, to select the most efficient solution.

What is augmented reality and what’s the difference between augmented and virtual reality?

Augmented reality, or AR, is a technology that allows augmenting a three-dimensional reality observable by human beings with virtual information that is perceived as reality as well.

Augmented reality is not the same as virtual reality. These technologies are different technologically and have different effects.

Augmented reality is about visually adding objects into real life in real time, using specialized software. If the content is of good enough quality, an observer can’t tell the difference between the reality and the artificially created world.  In virtual reality, however, the observer knows for sure what’s real and what’s artificial. The user abstracts themselves from the reality at the very moment they start interacting with the virtual world.

Virtual reality (artificial reality, digital reality, VR, 3d virtual reality) means an artificially created world into which the user immerses. However, the user understands that the world they’re in is not real, so they can easily differ between the true and virtual reality.

According to analysts, the worldwide augmented reality market will grow up to  $5,155.92 million in 2016. Speaking of virtual reality, the BI Intelligence predicts that the total amount of VR system shipping will grow by 99% every year from 2015 to 2020. In 2020, the VR market will amount to $2.8 billion. The demand for VR content will grow along with the gaming industry. VR will become an important platform for streaming and e-commerce.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality on demand

Creating AR or VR requires vast technical knowledge, experience and hi-tech assets/hardware. We’re actively promoting the AR and VR technologies on the Russian market.

We can tackle even the most difficult projects and deliver turnkey solutions to our customers: from concept development through scripting, content creation, to technical preparation and project implementation on-site. We’re developing Augmented Reality projects for both AR goggles as well as iPhone, iPad, and other AR-enabled gadgets. Our Virtual Reality content creation is optimised for the VR goggles.

If you aren’t absolutely sure and cannot choose between 3d Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) on your own, we’ll help you analyse your business case and suggest the strategically optimal solution that best suits your marketing and business objectives. Then we’ll implement the solution.

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Project stages and pricing elements

Every project’s costs are calculated individually based on the SOW or brief received from the customer or prepared in collaboration with them.

The cost calculation reflects such factors as:

  • Software development costs.
  • Design costs (3D model rendering, interfaces, animation etc.) depend on the scenario, including the character rendering complexity and image features to be created.
  • AR or VR equipment lease (depends on the number of shifts).
  • On-site technical personnel compensation.                       

Project stages

  1. Statement of Work (SOW)
  2. Concept and script creation
  3. Prototyping, low-detail and high-detail
  4. Application design and 3D models creation
  5. Coding
  6. Reference points (markers) creation
  7. Quality Assurance
  8. Bug fixing and other corrections
  9. Project launch

Design Dossier’s experts create both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality worlds of any difficulty. Our creativity, imagination, talent and latest technology innovation allow us to create virtual illusions and augmented reality that fits seamlessly with the customer’s business objectives.

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