Interactive iBar software

iBar is a multitouch-based interactive bar counter platform. iBar allows several users to interact with the surface interface simultaneously. An intelligent system installed inside the device allows to manage the projectors which react to every touch.

For example, several items on the iBar surface are connected to one another with the help of beams of light. You can project any content on the iBar surface (photos, videos, logos etc.) as well as play games, connect to the Internet and much more.

Application Field of Interactive Bar Counters

iBar counters are leveraged in many industries. For example, when used at an event, such a counter extends communication possibilities, breaks the barriers between the potential audience and the manufacturer, spikes the audience’s interest and attracts the visitors. Interactive surfaces make the sales process easier for both employees and visitors, convey useful product-related information and strengthen your marketing position.

The hospitality industry (hotels, nightclubs, bars, restaurants) is another sphere where iBars are successfully used. The interactive bar does not only help to increase revenues but allows to instantly change the interior and create an ideal environment for an easy and pleasant conversation.

The entertainment industry couldn’t ignore the interactive bars and interactive tables. Interactive table or counter attracts visitors and enhances a lengthy and active interaction.

iBar At The Advertising Technology Market

In today’s world, we are overloaded with information, including advertising. A poster on the street or a flyer in a restaurant bill might be designed to initiate communication between the advertiser and the customer but instead annoyance is the only emotion they invoke. The over-saturation caused by ad market forces the advertisers to search fresh and creative approaches, and that’s where iBar surfaces come into the equation. They offer:

  • Interactivity. The consumer actively participates in the advertising because of being interested while the ad has the impact on the customer as if it were designed especially for him/her;
  • • Innovation. New technologies by themselves are able to attract the consumer’s interest. What belonged in a sci-fi movie yesterday is available today in reality, although in an AD.

iBar Design Options

Due to the technology innovations used in the iBar production we’re able to offer our customers both the standard finished product and the equipment necessary for the customized installation.

Currently, we offer three options for the iBars:

  • the standard unit;
  • equipment only;
  • the custom-tailored unit.

The standard unit includes ready-to-be-installed 200х76cm or 200х120cm bar segments which can be used separately or combined. The finished solutions are mobile and can be used in various PR actions and events.

The standard unit includes the following:

  • carcass;
  • interior hardware;
  • licensed software.

If a customer wishes to use their own carcass facilitated with any extra equipment, then purchasing solely the equipment would be the best option.

This option includes the following:

  • interior hardware;
  • licensed software.

If neither of the above options suits you then we can manufacture a customized iBar for you. In this case, your bar counter will have a unique design and exclusive configuration.

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