Interactive models

 Today, static legacy advertisement tools and methods of products and services advertising have become largely ineffective: this opinion is shared by 68% of marketing analysts.

Design Dossier offers its expertise in creation, development and production of a whole complexity range of interactive models since we realise that only interactive, hi-tech presentation of products allows our customers to get motivated clients and make revenues.

What Is An Interactive Model?

An interactive Model is a physical 3D layout combined with any multimedia content. The media content may vary from visual effects to infographics etc. and is integrated into the layout construction with the help of multimedia screens, video projection or augmented reality technology. What does that mean?

An interactive multimedia layout can be performed and visualised:

  • on plasma screens or video walls,
  • using projection,
  • using Augmented Reality.

How Does It Work?

  • First, a physical spatial 3D model is made.
  • Then, the necessary content is developed and layered upon the layout. This is what happens in case with AR and projections; if screens are used, then the content is, conversely, placed under the model.
  • The interactive model is managed via touchscreens or contactless content management interfaces. Aside from being a management tool the interactive model screens also have an informative function.
  • To interact with the AR interactive models one can use personal portable devices (smartphones, iPads, other gadgets) or special AR glasses. Clients / event participants receive a link to download the software which, upon installing, can be used to interact with the interactive model.

Interactive models are divided into:

  • those managed in real time. In this case common buttons, touchscreens, smartphone control panels etc. can serve as management tools. This particular setting allows the content to be displayed depending on the choice of a user who is directly interacting with the layout.
  • those without any additional control options. In this case the content is preinstalled and looped to play non-stop.

What Opportunities Do Interactive Models Give?

Interactive layouts convey vast amounts of clear, targeted information in an easy-to-grasp interactive form. The important thing is, the user actively chooses what they want to see or what information they need to get.

Interactive layouts can be used in any industry, e.g.:

  • to present architectural or construction projects. For example, an apartment building can be shown layer-wise, starting from development of the architecture plan and up to engineering communications and interior layouts;
  • to vividly demonstrate technical capacities of new car models or airplanes. The interactive layout is able to display all the “internals” in 3D;
  • to present technologically advanced innovation projects;
  • to reconstruct historical landmarks for museums and exhibitions.

What Are The Advantages Of An Interactive Model?

  • Interactive model constitute a new, modern and spectacular means of presenting one’s products and services. Such an innovative approach allows to involve participants into interaction in a more effective way, thus helping to distinct yourselves among competitors.
  • The combination of a physicalmodel and interactively managed multimedia content attracts attention and conveys vast amounts of useful information within a short time. Interactive model allow conveying the idea of a project to any audience clearly and concisely.
  • The unusual appearance and dynamic content of a layout distinguish it from other projects presented.
  • A staticmodel is a product which is finished and can’t be anyhow modified or improved. An interactive modelt, on the contrary, allows downloading new content or new project data at any time. This gives the opportunity to display the project in motion – for example to show all stages of real estate construction.
  • You can transport an interactivemodel to show it anywhere in the world: it can be packed by parts in special cases for transporting.

Design Dossier’s leading technical experts and designers implement the most daring ideas to achieve our customers’ business objectives using advanced technology. We develop unique interactive content in various languages, bound to incite the WOW effect and make our customers’ projects highly remarkable and memorable, which contributes to sustainable user loyalty.

What Are The Pricing Elements And Project Stages?

The production cost of an interactive model includes the following components:

  • Multimedia content development
  • Making the basic construction elements of the model
  • Installation software engineering
  • Equipment lease (measured in shifts)
  • Onsite technical personnel compensation (video engineers, technicians)
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