Kinect-based interactive solutions

The Kinect gaming controller is becoming increasingly popular in the active presentation of products and services – and for a good reason. Why have marketing and advertisement professionals come to like Kinect so much? To answer this question, let’s discuss Kinect’s operating principles first.

    <liHere’s how it works: you approach a source where the sensor is installed.

  • The emitter highlights you with a bundle of beams.
  • The camera records the reflected light.
  • The system recognises the silhouette, movements and speech and converts them.
  • Your virtual avatar repeats all your gestures and speech on any projection equipment (plasma and LCD panels, monitors etc.).

Where Can The Kinect Technology Be Used?

The retail industry is the obvious answer. Interactive showcases attract visitors, the wow effect is guaranteed, the brand loyalty is at least doubled.

Due to Kinect the fitting rooms in stores will soon become past: a customer will be able to try the clothes on by bare standing in front of the interactive mirror equipped with the Kinect controller and the shop catalogue.

You’ve got to admit that the combination of an interactive mirror, a fitting room and a catalogue (as implemented by Puma) is quite handy.

Coca-Cola likes non-standard solutions which utilise innovative technologies. A Kinect-based interactive showcase has been installed in one of South Korean malls.

United Arrows, a Japanese retailer, created a Kinect-based interactive showcase with man simulators which mimic gestures and facial expressions of passers-by.

IKEA’s motivational mirror is a good example of a remarkable creative solution based on innovation technologies. Whenever a person approached the range of the Kinect-enabled mirror, it analysed their face and figure and complimented by voice and via messages on the mirror’s surface. To boost a lady’s self-esteem, the mirror whistled as she passed by.

Kinect can be used for fitness: the major sports brands developed special training programmes in the virtual gym with a personal coach, like Nike+ Kinect Training. Your virtual personal coach sets your objectives depending on your body type and fitness level.

The next solution is ideal for those whose job involves preparing various reports. Using the Kinect technology and specialized goggles, you can convert statistic data into 3D and make it interactive. The pages come alive, allowing the reader to highlight important information.

Advanced technologies are used to increase awareness of social problems. Using the Kinect-enabled interactive solutions the BBDO advertising agency revealed one the symptoms of mental disorders with children.

Kinect is extensively used in expo booth and for preparation of presentations. The interactive system allows to control imaging and actions on the screen using gestures and motion, without any physical contact or remotes. Interaction keeps visitors engaged for a long time, the wow effect is guaranteed, the brand recognition and loyalty are ensured in the exhibition context.

One of Design Dossier’s latest works where Kinect was implemented is the hi-tech AR sandbox which was installed at the Moscow Government booth at the Open Innovation 2015 Forum.

Kinect recognises motion, reacts to the touch and any landscape changes, the software converts the signals and projects the changes to the sand. This deceptively simple combination of sand, projection and software allows creating lakes, ravines, mountain ridges, observe volcanic eruptions or river formations – all in real time. The AR sandboxes can be used for entertaining children as well as in the education sector. They are portable and can be installed in any room.

The interactive sandbox at the Moscow City Government booth (Open Innovations Forum and Technology Show)

For the Moscow Urban Forum, we created a multimedia exposition called “Power and citizens: technologies of collaboration” for the Moscow Government where an augmented reality was created using the Kineсt controller. Visitors could interact with the virtual guide projected on a big screen containing information about the portal services.

What Are The Advantages Of The Kinect Controller Based Interactive Presentations, Products And Services?