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A laser show is a bright, effulgent light show: laser beams penetrate the air and take any imaginable shapes. Laser beams look absolutely real and solid, evoking the desire to touch them. Often, laser shows are synchronised with rhythmic music, making the performance more emotionally charged and remarkable.
Laser beams can be of any colour of the spectrum, of different saturation, thickness and intensity.

There are different ways to use laser shows.

  • Beam show is exactly what the name suggests. The peculiar thing about this show is that lasers draw various figures in the air: pyramids, cones, plain panels in a form of a fan, light columns, tunnels, waves etc. To enhance the effect, mist/smoke generators are often used at these shows..
  • Screen Show – can be described as laser-generated images on a plain surface. Using this technique, you can project a logo, a slogan, or an animated trailer. The peculiarity of this kind of show is that the images drawn need to be linear (vector), meaning they can’t include minute details. An animation laser show is a demonstration of images and animation videos on various surfaces using laser projection.

Laser graphics can be projected on any surface that is plain and light-coloured enough. Anything can serve as a screen for projection: exterior and interior walls, mountains, forests… Graphic and beam shows are often combined.

A laser show at the International Badminton Tournament opening ceremony

How Does A Laser Show Work?

Customized computer-controlled mirrors target the beams toward the screen. A beam is reflected from a horizontally moving mirror and hits another vertically moving beam. The computer connects the dots transferring the mirrors from one position to another in a very rapid manner.
The choice of the intensity of a laser depends on the following factors:

  • The beam colour.A green laser optically looks 2-3 times brighter than a blue or red one of the same intensity, and because of that, it can light a 5-7 times larger surface.
  • The size of the room/screen,на котором проецируется лазерные лучи.
  • The ambient lighting. During a laser show, the ambient lighting should be minimal. The brighter the room is the more intensive laser you need to use.

Laser beams can be used to create various 3D effects, such as:

  • Chromatic 3D. ChromaDepth glasses create a specific effect: red images seem to be closer to the spectators while green and blue ones seem to be farther.
  • Use of polarised glasses (as in 3D movie theatres).
  • Grid. Laser image projecting is made onto dark grids in a dark room to create an illusion of images floating in the air.

A projection laser show at the Paralympics opening ceremony

Where The Laser Technology Is To Be Used?


  • at corporate events;
  • at product/service presentations;
  • at sporting events and concert shows;
  • during festivals;
  • at theatre performances;
  • at large-scale city street festivals.

The number of laser projectors used, the script of a show, the choice of colour palette and soundtracks can be only limited by the authors’ creativity and budget.
You can order a laser performance of any complexity level by us – for the indoors as well as for the outdoors. We’ll create the concept, develop imaging and colouring, choose soundtracks and produce the animation laser trailer of any complexity. Powerful laser equipment allows us to create bright, outstanding shows to remember for a long time.
Don’t hesitate to call us – we’ll suggest a best solution for your event!

A laser show at the European Badminton Championship

The project cost includes the following components:

  • Content development (the cost calculation depends on the complexity of the architecture and/or the scenario, including the character rendering complexity and image features to be created.
  • Equipment lease (measured in shifts.
  • On-site technical personnel compensation (video engineers, technicians)
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