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Interactive holograms are another design solution in advertising which is popular with customers and consumers. The three-dimensional projection hologram reproduces an exact copy of the original object. 3D items can be viewed from all sides and from different angles.
Using interactive pyramid guarantees show effects that is rather valued in marketing nowadays as it provides emotional response.

How does Holocube works?

The image of the object appears on the border of the pyramid and sailing in the air. This creates the illusion that the object can be touched. Holographic pyramids create realistic, bright, three-dimensional images. Each holographic cube can display both a single image and a general image made of multiple pictures.

Interactive holograms can be used:

  • during presentations,
  • in shops, boutiques, large trade areas,
  • during concerts and shows,
  • in clubs, restaurants and other entertainment establishments.

3D-hologram for Vitol (Polivizor)

Standard Holocube set includes:

  • holographic cube and boot;
  • motion sensors;
  • Kinect system used to provide control;
  • LED backlight inside the equipment;
  • special multifunctional glass, the surface of which is coated with multi-layer deposition. Thus, the image is realistic, bright and contrast.

Hologram on MSD exhibition booth

Shop-window of Berlin C & A store showed a holographic image of a girl at the size of 1:1 in the brand underwear. She flirted, winked and blowed kisses.

Holographic installation (Holographer 3D) allows you to create interactive and controllable holograms with touch control for exhibitions and events. Get more information about Holographer and order it for an exhibition or event here.

Holographic installation (Holographer 3D)

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