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Today, visitor and participant registration for large events needs to be as comfortable as possible for the visitors and as useful as possible for the organisers. Digital visitor registration software means no waiting lines, easy to understand logistics, possibility to enter the information via smartphone or tablet.

Using the digital visitor registration software for your event allows you to reach a new image level while getting more benefits from the event itself. Large-scale events, such as expos, forums, car shows and such, require automated, easy-to-manage solutions without sacrificing the ability to handle data quickly and precisely. Narrow-profiled software systems allow maximum comfort for the visitors while the organiser gets increased brand loyalty and a streamlined visitor database.

Digital visitor registration software options?

  • A tablet or touch table based registration that runs our software is one of the available options. The report is generated as a common Excel spreadsheet.
  • Passage registration can be carried out via RFID wristbands or an online registration system with personal RFID badges issued subsequently, which allows for a most detailed report.
  • Preliminary online registration. A registered visitor gets an email with a unique ID which allows him/her to quickly get their badge at the event reception. The visitor can receive their badge or RFID wristband at the self-register counter or directly from the organisers. Preliminary online registration allows to predict the number of visitors, understand what types of the audience will be there and monitor their reactions for the marketing activities. After the event, the organisers receive the valid contact database to use for the follow-up communication.

The digital registration software is user-friendly, regardless of one’s experience with computers and gadgets. Moreover, the digital registration software allows to use less staff to support the event.

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