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KUKA stands for Keller und Knappich Augsburg, a German robotic company. It was founded by Johahn Joseph Keller and Jakob Knappich in Augsburg in 1898. At first, KUKA produced lighting equipment for houses and streets. In 1973, the first industrial robot with anthropomorphic kinematics was created.

In 2007, the company introduced the KUKA TITAN industrial modellayout to the world. This robot was the leader in carrying capacity for a long time being able to lift weights up to 1000 kg with the 3200mm action range. This achievement ensured KUKA a place in the World Guinness Records.
Today, KUKA industrial robots are engaged in many different industries. The use of interactive robotic manipulators however goes far beyond purely industrial objectives. From time to time, KUKA robots challenge humans to a competition.

In 2014, an Agilusср series robot played table tennis against Timo Boll, the former World champion. According to KUKA engineers, robots were the quickest and most accurate machines in the world.

The game was fascinating but still, the metal athlete lost the deciding set. In 2015, KUKA robots redeemed themselves in music instead of sports though. This competition was fairly unusual and left no clear winner.

We don’t challenge KUKA robots – but we do use their vast talents while creating interactive installations for the exhibition industry. For example, we’ve integrated interactive video installations into the exposition space using industrial robots.

We hired KUKA KR60 and KUKA KR45 robots as our helpers while developing the interactive map of the Moscow technopark promotion project. Our engineers, IT professionals and designers unified three robotic manipulators into an interactively managed multimedia installation.

While interacting with the users, robots change their spatial position depending on the content so that reading would be more convenient. The users control them independently, using the touchscreen near the installation.

A robotic installation was introduced for the first time during the Skolkovo Foundation Supervisory Board meeting in Hypercube, where the Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin presented the concept of promoting hi-tech entrepreneurship and technoparks to the Premier Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Shortly after that, at the Open Innovation forum, everyone could get acquainted with KUKA robots and get info about Moscow technoparks with their help. Programming robotic manipulators for controlling their motion path is a Design Dossier technical team’s specific objective.

For example, at the Sochi 2015 Investment Forum our technicians programmed the KUKA IIWA 14 R820 high precision robot to demonstrate real estate plots selected for manufacturing. The robot was highlighting the territories in question at the map of Moscow using laser and all the relevant info was simultaneously being displayed on the holographic projection screen.

The spectrum of involving KUKA’s clever robots is vast: they can be of help to present high-tech services, at large expos, forums, major entertainment shows and festivals. Handling the robots and their programming however can be performed only by highly experienced and qualified engineers, IT professionals and designers.
Design Dossier’s experienced, highly qualified and enthusiastic team will help you to choose the interactive technology that will help demonstrate your product or service in the most effective way.

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