3D visualization

Multimedia Game for “Mosinzhproekt”,WUF-2020, United Arab Emirates

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3d визуализация для интерактивного макета для концерна “Алмаз-Антей”

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Видеоролики, 3d визуализация для концерна “Алмаз-Антей”. Транспорт-2018

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“12 centuries of fishing” VR tour

The “12 centuries of fishing in Russia” 360-degree virtual tour was presented at the Global Fishery Forum in Saint Petersburg in September.

“The Drone Race” VR game

Special for the “Gidroaviasalon 2018” international expo, we have developed a VR game called “The Drone Race”, which you can play at the “Robotics and drone aircrafts” exhibition area using a VR set.

Architectural Visualization for Mosinzhproekt Holding

Being commissioned by Mosinzhproekt, we created video materials with a 3D architectural visualization and presented them at the Moscow Urban Forum in July 2018.

Architectural Visualization for the Zaryadye Moscow Concert Hall

Acting on a commission from the Mosinzhproekt Holding, we produced the architectural visualization for the Zaryadye Moscow Concert Hall.

3D Visualization for the Center of Rhythmic Gymnastics owned by Irina Viner-Usmanova

Commissioned by the Mosinzhproekt Holding, we created the 3D visualization for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Center owned by Irina Viner-Usmanova.

Immersion in Virtual Reality at the INNOPROM-2018

What can we do to capture the imagination and interest of the guests visiting the main exhibition plarform for the Digital Production?

Digital Battles Multimedia Game at the INNOPROM 2018

The Multimedia Game entitled Digital Battles was first presented in Yekaterinburg at the INNOPROM-2018 Industrial Exhibition.

Augmented and Virtual Reality OPTI 24 by Gazprom Neft


The OPTI 24 brand personified a fusion of solutions intended for the corporate customers of Gazprom Neft in the sector of freight forwarding services and logistics.

Interactive Multimedia Show, 3D Videos, Software for the Almaz-Antey Corporation

We present our recent comprehensive project for the Almaz-Antey Corporation prepared by our company at the St.

3D Videos for the Almaz-Antey Corporation at the SVIAZ-2018 Exhibition

Our exhibition project exemplifying a multifaceted implementation strategy for the Almaz-Antey Aerospace Defense Corporation was delivered at the SVIAZ-2081 Exhibition.

3D visualization, Software for the Almaz-Antey Corporation

Our 3D visualization video  with a focus on the industrial capacity was demonstrated at the NEFTEGAZ-2018 exhibition.

3d видеоролик для РГ-Девелопмент

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Architectural 3D Visualization of the City of Heroes Interiors

3D Visualization 

When the project is being developed, it is extremely important to visualize the 3D space in advance to the extent of the smallest details.

Architectural Exterior and Interior Visualization at the Moscow Financial Forum

At the Moscow Financial Forum held in Manezh, the Design Dossier team members did not only execute a full range of construction works for two multimedia exclusive stands, but also developed the entire scope of multimedia content.

Multimedia solitions and virtual tour around Digital Business Workspace

Opening ceremony of the Digital Business Workspace in the center of Moscow

A renovated Central House of Entrepreneurs was opened in Moscow this October which now is renamed as Digital Business Workspace.


Virtual Tour around Digital Business Workspace

Virtual Tour around Digital Business Workspace

We prepared 360-degree virtual tour around DBW dedicated to the forum Opened Innovations held in Technopark of Skolkovo.

Interactive model and motion design videos Chelyabinsk-2020

Chelyabinsk in 2020 – this project was introduced in November 2017 on the forum Russia-Kazakhstan held in Chelyabinsk where we presented an interactive model of prospective development called Chelyabinsk 2020 that was worked out by the experts of the company Design Dossier, as well as 5 motion design videos.

Видеоолики для холдинга “Мосинжпроект”

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Моушн дизайн ролик и 3D визуализация на Московском Финансовом форуме

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Motion design video Moscow international medical cluster

Motion design video produced for the Moscow City Government allows to discover the possibilities of the Moscow international medical cluster which is planned to be opened in autumn 2018 in the Research Center Skolkovo.

Motion design video Zaryadye Park

Would you like to see how the Zaryadye Park will look like in the nearest future?

Motion videos for the RG “Development” company

We would like to present you our new carried out motion project for the investment and developing company “RG-Development”

The package of our work included the creation of two motion videos, demonstrating the new company’s object under construction.

Motion design video “Zelenograd” at Hannover Messe 2017

We created and developed a multimedia interactive model of industrial Moscow with our motion design videos inside for the exposition of the Moscow City Government on the Industrial Fair Hannover Messe 2017.

Motion design video “Technopark ZIL” for Moscow City Government

We created and developed a multimedia interactive model of industrial Moscow with our motion design videos inside for the exposition of the Moscow City Government on the Industrial Fair Hannover Messe 2017.

Multimedia interactive models for the “Kubanenergo” company


On the Russian investment forum in Sochi we presented an interactive models, created by Design Dossier specialists for the offspring of the “Rosseti” company – PAO “Kubanenergo”.

Motion video for the RG “Development” company

For the Company RG-Development we created videos in a form of architectural visualization of their projects.

Virtual reality café at the Golden Autumn agricultural exhibition

Interactive technologies in action: virtual reality café, Farmer Business Development interactive game installation, photo mechanics, KUKA robot barman, Moscow Seasons augmented reality, augmented reality mobile app – it is not the full list of interactive multimedia content created by the specialists of Design Dossier for our new large-scale complex project for Moscow City government, presented at the Golden Autumn agricultural exhibition.


Software for Moscow City Government at International Investment forum “Sochi-2016”

The specialists of our company developed software for for Moscow City government for Sochi-2016 International Investment Forum.

Interactive augmented reality model for the tourism and entertainment industry

In the near future any time you want to learn what cultural, exhibition, sporting events are going to take place in Moscow, you will be able to do it with the interactive model of Moscow festival life, using augmented reality technology.

Motion video for the broadcast in the Multifunction center of Moscow

Motion video “Vendor Portal” for the Moscow Government

Motion design “Ball of Olympians of 2012” for the Government of the Moscow region

Video presentation of equipment for civil airports for “Almaz-Antey”

Grand award ceremony ‘Golden Racket’ at New Opera

Projection backdrop at the New Opera theater center designed by the Design Dossier company for the grand award ceremony for winners and prizewinners of the Golden Racket tournament organized by the Multisport company.

Motion-Design ‘Northern Alternate Route of Kutuzovsky Prospekt’

While creating this video, we made a model of the Western Moscow district from scratch.

Panoramic projection presentation A.V.E. brand

Motion clip for “Investment portal of the city of Moscow” the Moscow city Government

Motion clip  “Investment portal of the city of Moscow” for Moscow city Government